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Music Enrichment

  Our 3 to 5-year-old classes have music enrichment every other week.
  Our kindergarten class has music every week. 

Young children love music and young children love to play. Music blends play and creative expression as children engage in singing, dancing, and using instruments.

As children gain a deeper appreciation for music, they also experience significant developmental benefits:

  • Physical development – Fine motor and gross motor skills are reinforced through fingerplay, instrument play, and large body movements.
  • Brain development – not only does music improve a child’s cognitive functioning, but it also improves the child’s auditory perception (hearing) and memory skills. These are vital for being ready for academic learning. 
  • Language development – Songs and rhymes that are repeated throughout the year help to increase a child’s vocabulary. Learning about rhythms and sound patterns are foundational for academic learning, too.
  • Self-expression – Being able to move freely and creatively without any judgment reinforces a child’s self-image.

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