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Time to Move

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by St. Mary's Episcopal School

Time to Move

Tick-Tock, telling time using a human clock. Our kindergartners quickly learned how to tell time by the hour as they took turns becoming the hands of the enormous floor clock created by their teachers. The whole body learning experience was a great visual for the children observing their classmates each taking a turn as the “hands,” and it engaged different aspects of the brain. The part of the brain that processes movement is the same part of the brain that processes learning.

Whole body learning occurs when teachers and students engage physically, emotionally and mentally in the learning process. Research tells us that whole body learning enhances academic achievement through helping children develop deeper understanding of materials as well as reinforcing long-term memory of the subject matter. 

Through this and many other experiences using our whole bodies in both preschool and kindergarten, the children are acquiring important concepts, learning amazing facts while retaining what they are learning. What fun the children have using whole body learning to write letters in the air, create letters and numbers with their bodies both individually and working cooperatively with partners.

Tick-Tock telling time using a human body clock.

St. Mary's Episcopal School

St. Mary's Episcopal School

St. Mary’s School treasures the uniqueness of each child and nurtures creativity, deep thinking, and problem-solving through engaging learning experiences. Our students discover the joy and wonder of learning both in the classroom and in our beautiful outdoor spaces.

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