St. Mary’s Episcopal School

Reflects the joy of learning and growth in the love of God, family and friends.

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Why Learn through Play?

Play inspires long-term, in-depth learning.

naeyc Accredited Early Learning Program Located on River Road just over the Goochland County line, St. Mary's Episcopal School is a caring community where each child is celebrated and immersed in a creative environment that reflects the joy of learning and promotes the love of God, family and friends.
Now Enrolling: 2021-2022 Kindergarten Program

Now Enrolling: 2021-2022 Kindergarten Program

St. Mary's Episcopal Kindergarten is designed to promote a lifelong passion for learning.

Through our play-based learning and inquiry, the children will discover new ideas, develop inquisitive minds, and become independent in their quests for success. Our goal is to develop emotionally sound learners who are ready for a rigorous 1st grade setting in either private or public school.


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Inside the Classroom

Outdoor Classroom – Simple Machines

There are so many things to discover when you are exploring nature.  This future engineer has found how to make a simple machine that lifts some very heavy things, even his own […]

Learning to Measure through Play – Math

  The children love to bring their animals to the preschool vet. Comparing heights and weights gives them an opportunity to play with numbers and measurement. Hands on lear[…]

Let them play………with BLOCKS!!

As a preschool teacher I understand the extreme value of Block Play for young children. According to Linda Taylor, "blocks enhance children's problem-solving abilities, mathema[…]

Jumping into January!

Ice Castles! We are back and enjoying all the fun things that winter brings. The 4 day class children are very busy exploring winter animals and their habits. Animal hab[…]

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