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Let them play………with BLOCKS!!

As a preschool teacher I understand the extreme value of Block Play for young children. According to Linda Taylor, “blocks enhance children’s problem-solving abilities, mathematical skills, and language and literacy abilities. Constructing ‘creations’ builds self-esteem and feelings of success.” They also exercise their science, critical thinking, cooperative play, and fine and gross motor muscles. Imagine my frustration when I discovered that my students had very little interest in our Blocks Center. Instead, this class enjoys anything and everything to do with Art and Dramatic Play.

After failing at different strategies to spark my students’ block interest, I decided to borrow an idea from some of my fellow teachers and put the students photographs on the blocks. I didn’t tell them what I was doing, I just started taping the pictures on the blocks during snack time. The next thing I know, I was moving furniture out of the way, making room for the entire class to be on the floor, working together, building and creating, not just using the “picture” blocks but, our entire block supply! Who knew that something so simple would lead to such an amazing experience? I can’t wait to see what they create next! ~Sarah Anders