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All About SPIDERS in PreK

Mrs. Anders & Mrs. Johnson’s Pre-K class spent the better part of October learning about SPIDERS  – a perfect segue from their studies about all the different creatures that live together in Anthony D. Fredericks’ book, “Under One Rock.”

The boys conducted their own research by searching through non-fiction books devoted to spiders.  They made observations about spiders – what they look like, where they live and what they eat – which were then shared with the rest of the class and recorded by the teachers.

From there, the boys created their very own spiders using materials from the Free Art Lab, including recycled materials such as egg cartons and wine corks.  The only prerequisites for the spiders were that they have four eyes and eight legs (two facts that they discovered during their investigation).

Their creations also included assessments in pencil grips, tracing, scissor grips and cutting – all skills that are developed during the preschool years.  These assessments give the teachers the opportunity to fine-tune the necessary directives that are needed to ready the students for JK and/or Kindergarten next year.

Mrs. Anders said, “The results were awesome!”