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Pre-K Gets Building!

IMG_6432Every Thursday morning, Mrs. Hendrix’s Pre-K class pushes back the furniture in the classroom and spends the morning building.

“When children build with blocks, they have a hands-on opportunity to explore math and science concepts,” Hendrix said. “They explore shapes, geometry, balance, gravity and physics.”

As the children work cooperatively together to build, they problem-solve and compromise. They use their imaginations as they create elaborate structures. The class also adds items from nature, small figures and seasonal props to spark creativity and dramatic play within the block center. At the end of each building session, the children have the opportunity to present their creations to the class, describing what they built and taking questions and comments from their peers about their creations.

“Research shows that children use more vocabulary and oral language as they build with blocks than in any other center in the classroom,” Hendrix said. “We love the creativity, problem solving and perseverance that the children display as the build!”