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Journal Writing About the Class Pet: Pete the Goldfish

IMG_0207Mrs. Anders & Mrs. Johnson’s Pre-K class has devoted their journal time to writing about their class pet, Pete the goldfish.

“The boys have been telling stories about Pete by drawing pictures of their thoughts and ideas and then dictating their words for us to write down,” Anders said. “Some boys have even gone so far as to sound out letters and write their own words!”

Journal writing helps build literacy skills in children and helps foster an early love of writing. They develop language skills by composing their thoughts, feelings and words onto paper. They draw pictures of what they want to communicate and dictate their words for us to put on the page. Their words are then read back to them, pointing to each word moving left to right. The children see and begin to recognize letters and that groups of letters put together form words- THEIR WORDS! As they progress, children begin to write some of their own letters, figure out letter sounds and write full words.

“Although journal writing can be about almost anything, we chose to give the boys a direction from which to focus,” Anders said. “Pete has been on many adventures, played with all sorts of new friends, run away and defeated monsters and eaten many yummy delicacies.”

The children have read their stories out loud to their classmates. By doing so, they gain confidence in their own ideas, they reflect on their own thoughts and drawings, they are allowed to answer questions about their drawing choices and words, and they listen to others’ stories and gain inspiration from them.

Pete is one lucky fish!