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“Hundreds” of Fun

“Hundreds” of FunChildren in the Pre-K and Junior Kindergarten classes have been getting ready for a big celebration – their 100th day of preschool this school year!

Working up to the day with math tub exploration and counting games, the children kicked off festivities in a variety of ways – wearing shirts they made that included 100 items, heading outside to gather groups of 100 items found in nature and using their own “collections” to create a numbers board.

March 1 was the official 1-0-0 day, and number celebration and excitement went into full gear. The classes got active by doing 100 exercises and 100 seconds of dancing and then tapped their creative sides to make crowns with 100 dots, build a 100-block structure and string cereal necklaces with 100 “Os.”

Each child also brought snacks to share and count out by tens to create a special 100-day treat assortment. Collections of 100 items including Legos, puzzle pieces, coins, paper clips and cups were compared, weighed and measured.

Mrs. Dixon summed up the 100 excitement perfectly: “Numbers rock!”