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Dinosaurs Are Roaming the PreK Classrooms!

Last week, Mrs. Anders’ class went on an adventure to the school library. The children discovered many, MANY books and learned how to explore and re-shelve the books when finished. The children then had the opportunity to each select a book to bring back to the classroom.

“Funny…the majority of the books they selected all had to do with DINOSAURS!” Anders said. “Interesting!!! So we asked the children if they wanted to learn more about dinosaurs, and we received a resounding “YES!”

The class began exploring more by drawing and writing in their journals something they knew about dinosaurs. Then they shared their entries during circle and made a list of questions they wanted to have answered.

“We plan to let them do their own research and see what they discover,” Anders said. “In the meantime, they have been busy reading about dinosaurs, creating dinosaurs and dinosaur habitats, painting dinosaurs, examining fossils, making fossils…the list goes on and on!! I can’t wait to see where the children take us!”