St. Mary’s Episcopal School

Reflects the joy of learning and growth in the love of God, family and friends.

Child-Centered Curriculum

We celebrate the growth and development of the whole child.

Our play-based philosophy and emergent curriculum allow children the freedom to explore and investigate through literacy, art, music, math, science, dramatic play, sensory play, cooking, nature and discovery in both large and small group experiences.

Our teachers are intentional about creating a safe, caring and stimulating environment which will meet the physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs of our students. Investigative learning experiences are planned around the interest of the children, so that learning is meaningful and relevant for each child.


St. Mary’s values the spiritual development of the child. Children attend chapel services twice a month. They enjoy a very simple ritual of prayer, Bible story, and song with the church’s Director of Children’s Ministries. Children also say a blessing in their classroom each day before their snack.

Music/Movement Enrichment

Each week the children actively participate in music and movement activities with an outside teacher. Children learn about instruments, music theory, and rhythm. These activities are often included in the daily musical and movement experiences in the classroom.