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A Trip to the Farm

A recent excursion to a classmate's family farm allowed for the students in Mrs. Jones' three/four-year-old class to see, touch, smell and hear about animals that they may have only read about in books. The students got to see the chicken coop, bees[…]
Posted October 27, 2014

A “Fine” Time Lacing, Beading and Making Shapes

Fine motor tables are the latest addition to Mrs. Garter's center activities. The three-year-olds in her class work within small groups on activities like lacing string through dinosaur boards and beading large wooden beads onto strings. "The childr[…]
Posted October 27, 2014

“The Leaves are Falling One by One…”

During circle time in Mrs. Garter's three-year-old class, students listened and sang along to "The Leaves are Falling One by One," and then went outside to collect their own leaves on the playground. "We counted them and talked about how they looked[…]
Posted October 21, 2014

Dancing, Singing and Supporting Verbal Fluency and Coordination

Singing and dancing helps children develop coordination, balance, strength and control, and the three-year-olds in Mrs. Jones' class are more than happy to get shaking! In addition to supporting gross motor development, movement activities help chil[…]
Posted October 13, 2014

2-Year-Olds Enjoy Fall in Outdoor Classroom

The students in Mrs. Britt's two-year-old class are enjoying the first bits of fall weather in our outdoor classroom. The children had their first experience with paint at the easel, experimenting with orange paint and sponge brushes. Some of the ch[…]
Posted October 09, 2014

Puppet Show Supports Early Literacy Skills

Students in the 3s classes and older were delighted to participate in a puppet show presented by special guests from Kaydee Puppets.  Two shows, "Animal Tales" and "Little Red Hen's Wild Wacky Week," included a variety of friendly characters and gav[…]
Posted October 08, 2014

Junior Kindergartners Create Puppets, Hats and Door Hangers

Sorting, punching holes, cutting, gluing, threading! Mrs. Dixon's Junior Kindergarteners were delighted with the array of colorful items they could use to create hats, puppets and door hangers. Selecting the materials they would use and figuring out […]
Posted September 26, 2014

Creating Patterns, Shapes and “Mat Man” with Pre-K

The school year is off to a great start! Children in Mrs. Anders' Pre-K class are experimenting with a variety of fun toys and items that aid in fine motor development, including practicing their grip when using crayons and markers. "Mat Man" has […]
Posted September 26, 2014

3-Year-Olds Explore with Paint, Trains and Play-Doh

Mrs. Garter's 3-year-olds are settling in to the routine of being in school. The boys and girls have discovered that they love the independence of getting to school in the morning and hanging up their bags and putting away their snacks and folders al[…]
Posted September 21, 2014

Pizza Partying

The three/four-year-olds in Mrs. Jones' class got a chance to make pizza this week, working from a recipe that had words and pictures. "The children practiced tracking the print on the recipe to help develop concept of word," Jones said. "They could[…]
Posted January 23, 2014
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