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Construction Work and ROBOTS!

Since the beginning of school, the children in Mrs. Dixon's Junior Kindergarten class have been making robots and exploring new centers that feature construction dramatic play. "We began this investigation as we do with all investigations - with tim[…]
Posted January 16, 2015

Sparkly Christmas Decorating Aids in Fine Motor Development

The three/four-year-olds in Mrs. Jones' class are in the Christmas spirit and practicing their fine motor skills at the same time! Students are using tongs to sort and count sparkly red, green and silver pom-poms. They are “decorating” a magneti[…]
Posted December 10, 2014

Running, Jumping and Climbing with the Twos

Crawling, walking, running, jumping and climbing! The two-year-olds in Mrs. Britt's class seem to always be in motion, from the classroom to the playground to the block room. The addition of a new ramp and stairs in the classroom has added to the exc[…]
Posted December 10, 2014

The Season for Christmas-Inspired Learning Experiences

Our classrooms are filled with the magic of the Christmas season, and the children in Mrs. Dixon's Junior Kindergarten class have been enjoying activities that share holiday messages and joy. "While store-bought mangers can be fun, the children have[…]
Posted December 08, 2014

Thanksgiving at St. Mary’s Means Community and Friendships

On Nov. 25, St. Mary's welcomed parents, grandparents and friends to school for Grandfriends day. The day was the final celebration of a variety of Thanksgiving-inspired units in our classrooms and allowed the children to share songs with our guests […]
Posted November 26, 2014

Celebrating the 50th Day of School

This past week, students in Mrs. Anders and Mrs. Fogg's Pre-K class celebrated the 50th day of school by eating cupcake halves - they are half-way to the 100th day of school and a huge celebration. "Counting down to the 100th day of school is an opp[…]
Posted November 24, 2014

Little Scientists Inspect Nature, Record Observations

Leaves, pine cones, twigs and bugs! The students in Mrs. Garter's class are diving right in to a new science center filled with all kinds of natural things to explore. "They are eager to try new activities, and they love using the magnifying glas[…]
Posted November 16, 2014

Junior Kindergartners Explore Math Their Way

Beginning in September, the Junior Kindergarteners in Mrs. Dixon's class were introduced to math tubs. The children were given plenty of time to freely explore the materials, which include geo-boards, numbers, pegs and pattern blocks, dice, pattern b[…]
Posted October 31, 2014

A Trip to the Farm

A recent excursion to a classmate's family farm allowed for the students in Mrs. Jones' three/four-year-old class to see, touch, smell and hear about animals that they may have only read about in books. The students got to see the chicken coop, bees[…]
Posted October 27, 2014

A “Fine” Time Lacing, Beading and Making Shapes

Fine motor tables are the latest addition to Mrs. Garter's center activities. The three-year-olds in her class work within small groups on activities like lacing string through dinosaur boards and beading large wooden beads onto strings. "The childr[…]
Posted October 27, 2014