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Outdoor Classroom – Simple Machines

There are so many things to discover when you are exploring nature.  This future engineer has found how to make a simple machine that lifts some very heavy things, even his own body.  Simple machines are used in everyday work by many people.  Th[…]
Posted March 12, 2021

Learning to Measure through Play – Math

  The children love to bring their animals to the preschool vet. Comparing heights and weights gives them an opportunity to play with numbers and measurement. Hands on learning is so much fun![…]
Posted March 12, 2021

Let them play………with BLOCKS!!

As a preschool teacher I understand the extreme value of Block Play for young children. According to Linda Taylor, "blocks enhance children's problem-solving abilities, mathematical skills, and language and literacy abilities. Constructing 'creat[…]
Posted January 26, 2021

Jumping into January!

Ice Castles! We are back and enjoying all the fun things that winter brings. The 4 day class children are very busy exploring winter animals and their habits. Animal habitat[…]
Posted January 08, 2021

Merry Christmas!

    Some scenes from our joy-filled Christmas celebration![…]
Posted December 22, 2020

Literacy Learning

Play-based “lessons” allow children to learn while doing the thing they love best, playing. That is why it is so critical to provide intentional experiences that interest children. When children have an opportunity to see letters in books and […]
Posted November 06, 2020

Sensory play at preschool

Sensory play is such an important part of a young child’s development.  Typically, we think of sensory play as “messy” play where children are playing in water or painting with fingerpaints.  We usually think of the need to appeal to the 5 se[…]
Posted October 16, 2020

Highlights of a New School Year!

We have had a fantastic start to our school year.  Much of our time is being spent  exploring and investigating in our outdoor classrooms.  With smaller classes and many new systems in place, we are making a new school year the BEST school yea[…]
Posted October 12, 2020

Congratulations To Our Rising Kindergartners!

On May 21st, the teachers gathered to celebrate our graduating Pre-K and JK students. It was one fabulous parade! We will miss these children and their families and wish them well as they begin a new chapter!   [embed width="720" height="Y[…]
Posted June 02, 2020

Making a witches brew with after school scientists

Our after school scientists are discovering an interesting phenomena. Bet you didn’t know that a pumpkin can explode!! Just add vinegar and baking soda to a freshly carved pumpkin, watch and see the surprise! Perhaps it’s a Halloween brew?! […]
Posted October 22, 2019
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