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Heading to the Farmer’s Market

The children in Mrs. Hendrix's Pre-K class have been busy this spring creating a Farmer's Market in their classroom. The children planted their very own "farms," growing lettuce, spinach and beans, and learned all about plant life as they grew and c[…]
Posted April 23, 2016

Welcoming Our New Chaplain

Amelia McDaniel is the new director of children's ministries for St. Mary's Episcopal Church and the newly appointed chaplain for the preschool. Amelia has 20 years of experience in serving both churches and schools of the Episcopal tradition. She be[…]
Posted March 15, 2016

5-4-3-2-1 Blast Off!

The students in Mrs. Anders’ Pre-K class have blasted off into space and discovered lots of new information about the sun, the moon and the planets. “We created ‘satellites’ for photographing the planets and ‘jet packs’ for moon walks,[…]
Posted March 14, 2016

“Hundreds” of Fun

Children in the Pre-K and Junior Kindergarten classes have been getting ready for a big celebration – their 100th day of preschool this school year! Working up to the day with math tub exploration and counting games, the children kicked off festiv[…]
Posted March 01, 2016

St. Mary’s “Hospital”

Over the Christmas holiday break, Mrs. Hendrix’s Pre-K classroom was transformed into “St. Mary’s Hospital.” Complete with “hospital beds,” x-rays and doctor kits, the hospital also includes everything a busy medical office has – comput[…]
Posted January 09, 2016

Bells, Ribbons and Songs

In addition to all of the fun, hands-on actives that students enjoy in the classroom, the children have the opportunity to participate in music class with Mrs. Dodson twice a month. This week, the children enjoyed singing Christmas songs, using bells[…]
Posted December 11, 2015

A Month of Thankfulness and “Special Days”

In November, Mrs. Hendrix’s Pre-K class celebrated Thanksgiving by focusing on being thankful for each child in the class. During the month, each child had a "Special Day" for the class to learn more about the child and celebrate what makes him or […]
Posted November 17, 2015

Kicking off a School Year of Fabulous Fridays

This week officially kicked-off the school’s Fabulous Fridays program, which allows the children in the Pre-K and Junior Kindergarten classrooms to attend school on Fridays to participate in in-depth creating, exploring, imagining and investigating[…]
Posted September 25, 2015

First Week in Pre-K

The 2015-16 preschool year is in full swing, and we’ve loved welcoming back the children and meeting new friends as everyone settled into their classrooms. On the first day of school in Mrs. Hendrix’s Pre-K class, the children found a caterpilla[…]
Posted September 17, 2015

Field Day: Team Spirit and Cheering on Our Friends

Orange, yellow, green, red, blue - our classes wore their team colors with pride during the annual field day held May 19. With plenty of outdoor activities (and some cooler indoor ones too), the children were able to participate in lots of fun gross[…]
Posted May 19, 2015