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A Teddy Bear Picnic

Back in January, Mrs. Jones' three/four-year-olds learned about hibernation by creating bear caves and having a special Pajama Day. They capped of the unit by sending their stuffed animals into a sweet winter slumber. "Today was a really fun day, […]
Posted April 01, 2015

Welcoming Our Dads to School

St. Mary's welcomed dads to school March 26 for our annual Dad's Night. "The children love getting ready for Dad's Night and have been preparing pictures, journal pages, books and special art projects to share," said Susan Rawls, St. Mary's director[…]
Posted March 29, 2015

Taking Care of Our Pets by Role Playing

Performing x-rays, examining and measuring their patients and feeding and caring for stuffed pets - it takes a lot to run a busy veterinary office! The children in Mrs. Garter's three-year-olds class have risen to the challenge, taking on various ro[…]
Posted March 05, 2015

Learning About Hibernation in Our PJs

Recently, the three/four-year-olds in Mrs. Jones' class got to roll right out of bed and come to school in their pajamas! In addition to teachers and students wearing their pajamas to school for a day, the children were invited to bring small stuffe[…]
Posted February 19, 2015

Brrrrr! Embracing the Cold and Painting Ice

The three-year-olds in Mrs. Garter and Mrs. Kuhla's class have been embracing the cold weather by exploring and having fun with ice. The children have been painting circular, square and rectangular blocks of ice with water colors using brushes, spon[…]
Posted January 24, 2015

Sparkly Christmas Decorating Aids in Fine Motor Development

The three/four-year-olds in Mrs. Jones' class are in the Christmas spirit and practicing their fine motor skills at the same time! Students are using tongs to sort and count sparkly red, green and silver pom-poms. They are “decorating” a magneti[…]
Posted December 10, 2014

Thanksgiving at St. Mary’s Means Community and Friendships

On Nov. 25, St. Mary's welcomed parents, grandparents and friends to school for Grandfriends day. The day was the final celebration of a variety of Thanksgiving-inspired units in our classrooms and allowed the children to share songs with our guests […]
Posted November 26, 2014

Little Scientists Inspect Nature, Record Observations

Leaves, pine cones, twigs and bugs! The students in Mrs. Garter's class are diving right in to a new science center filled with all kinds of natural things to explore. "They are eager to try new activities, and they love using the magnifying glas[…]
Posted November 16, 2014

A Trip to the Farm

A recent excursion to a classmate's family farm allowed for the students in Mrs. Jones' three/four-year-old class to see, touch, smell and hear about animals that they may have only read about in books. The students got to see the chicken coop, bees[…]
Posted October 27, 2014

A “Fine” Time Lacing, Beading and Making Shapes

Fine motor tables are the latest addition to Mrs. Garter's center activities. The three-year-olds in her class work within small groups on activities like lacing string through dinosaur boards and beading large wooden beads onto strings. "The childr[…]
Posted October 27, 2014