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Not Just Building Blocks

The children in Mrs. Fogg’s and Mrs. Kuhla’s three-day class have found out it’s more fun to play with friends than on their own. “Spring has sprung not only flowers, but a new community in our room,” Fogg said. “Much of the play this ye[…]
Posted May 02, 2016

Butterfly Observations

The children in Mrs. Jones’ 3/4-day class have been exploring the life cycle of butterflies by keeping a habitat in the classroom and observing caterpillars create their chrysalises and eventually emerge as butterflies. “The children have learne[…]
Posted April 28, 2016

Welcoming Our New Chaplain

Amelia McDaniel is the new director of children's ministries for St. Mary's Episcopal Church and the newly appointed chaplain for the preschool. Amelia has 20 years of experience in serving both churches and schools of the Episcopal tradition. She be[…]
Posted March 15, 2016

Indoor Fun

Rain, snow, freezing temperatures – nothing can dampen the spirits of the three/four-year-olds in Mrs. Jones' class! “There are so many opportunities for gross motor development at St. Mary’s that children are still able to get their energy ou[…]
Posted March 03, 2016

Self-Serve Paint

In the three-year-olds class, Mrs. Fogg and Mrs. Kuhla have introduced “Self-Serve Paint,” offering different colored paint in pump soap dispensers. “This is a fun way to enable the children to be more independent,” Kuhla said. “We have fo[…]
Posted February 12, 2016

Bells, Ribbons and Songs

In addition to all of the fun, hands-on actives that students enjoy in the classroom, the children have the opportunity to participate in music class with Mrs. Dodson twice a month. This week, the children enjoyed singing Christmas songs, using bells[…]
Posted December 11, 2015

Lions, Tigers and Hippos – Oh My!

Outside time is a favorite for Mrs. Fogg and Mrs. Kuhla's three-day class. “We love chasing one another, climbing and sliding,” Kuhla said. “Lately, we have been incorporating toy animals into our playground time, which has added to our wonder[…]
Posted November 18, 2015

Open Time Allows for New Activities, Friendships

At 11 each morning, the doors between the two classrooms for three and four-year-olds open, and the children in Mrs. Jones,’ Mrs. Kuhla’s and Mrs. Fogg’s classes are encouraged to engage in different activities in each room. Mrs. Jones’ room[…]
Posted November 05, 2015

Getting into the Halloween Spirit with Pumpkin Art

The students in Mrs. Aboud's and Mrs. Cumby's three-year-olds class have been talking a lot about Halloween lately and learning about everything associated with the holiday. "We have read several books about pumpkins, which influenced our class art […]
Posted October 23, 2015

Field Day: Team Spirit and Cheering on Our Friends

Orange, yellow, green, red, blue - our classes wore their team colors with pride during the annual field day held May 19. With plenty of outdoor activities (and some cooler indoor ones too), the children were able to participate in lots of fun gross[…]
Posted May 19, 2015