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Welcoming Our Dads to School

 Welcoming Our Dads to SchoolSt. Mary’s welcomed dads to school March 26 for our annual Dad’s Night.

“The children love getting ready for Dad’s Night and have been preparing pictures, journal pages, books and special art projects to share,” said Susan Rawls, St. Mary’s director.

During the evening, dads had the opportunity to play in the classrooms and get a better understanding of the children’s preschool day. Some teachers incorporated circle time, reading the schedule, completing the question of the day, reading a story and doing math activities as part of the night’s festivities.

“Dad’s Night is always so much fun, ” Rawls said. “Building blocks, painting pictures, taking care of animals in the vet clinic and discovering things to do with slime are just a few of the many activities the children participated in with their dads.”