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3-Year-Olds Explore with Paint, Trains and Play-Doh

3-Year-Olds Explore with Paint, Trains and Play-DohMrs. Garter’s 3-year-olds are settling in to the routine of being in school. The boys and girls have discovered that they love the independence of getting to school in the morning and hanging up their bags and putting away their snacks and folders all by themselves.

Who would have guessed that in the middle of all the fun they’ve been having during their first couple of weeks that the children have also been working on key developmental milestones?

Painting, drawing and making play-doh “worms”, “pizzas” and “pancakes” strengthens hand and finger muscles and helps children become successful writers. Building block towers, train tracks and garages for our cars helps to work core muscles and improve hand-eye coordination.

The children also discovered that if you mix your yellow and red paints, you get a whole new color, and if you dig down deep enough in the sand table, you’ll find hidden cars!

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