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Not Just Building Blocks

Not Just Building BlocksThe children in Mrs. Fogg’s and Mrs. Kuhla’s three-day class have found out it’s more fun to play with friends than on their own.

“Spring has sprung not only flowers, but a new community in our room,” Fogg said. “Much of the play this year had been parallel, but this last month we have found our voices, so let the games begin!”

Fogg said the children have been having lengthy discussions about “how to build homes for their animals in our building area and how to cook a well-done snake with ketchup in our kitchen.”

Conversations keep the class very busy, and snack time is quite lively as the children talk about what they are eating and what games they plan to play on the playground.

“The best part is the laughter among them,” Fogg said. “Not only are they a great group of kids, but they have become a great group of friends.”