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Bells, Ribbons and Songs

Bells, Ribbons and SongsIn addition to all of the fun, hands-on actives that students enjoy in the classroom, the children have the opportunity to participate in music class with Mrs. Dodson twice a month. This week, the children enjoyed singing Christmas songs, using bells and dancing with ribbons.

“Mrs. Dodson does a wonderful job of alternating different movement activities for the children, as well as giving them an opportunity to experiment with age-appropriate instruments like wooden sticks and egg shakers,” said 3-4 year olds Teacher Shannon Jones. “She also provides the teachers with CDs of the music she uses with the children so that the fun can continue in the classroom.”

Research shows many benefits to exposing children to music. Through singing familiar songs, students are able to develop verbal fluency and are introduced to new vocabulary. It also helps them remember the patterns in language.

Mathematics development is also strengthened as children play instruments. The one-to-one experience of matching sounds to movements can then transfer to one-to-one correspondence in counting.

“There are so many benefits to music, and the children love coming to see Mrs. Dodson,” Jones said.